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Dr. Roos is available to take your dental emergencies when they happen. We make every effort to fit your emergencies into our schedule the very day you call the office. Here are some important things to remember if you experience a dental emergency such as a knocked out or repositioned tooth:


  1. Do your best to push the tooth back into its proper position.
  2. If the tooth has been knocked out completely, hold it by the white crown end, rinse it gently with water only, (do not wipe it or scrub it). Rinse the tooth socket with water, and place the tooth back into the socket.
  3. If the tooth has been knocked out completely and you can’t get it back in the socket, store the tooth in: Hank’s Balanced Salt Solution or Save-A-Tooth (available at pharmacies), milk, or saliva by keeping the tooth between your cheek and your gums, be careful not to swallow the tooth!
  4. Call Dr. Roos’s office immediately. If the tooth is repositioned and stabilized in one hour or less, it has a much better chance of staying alive. If it takes longer than an hour you could end up losing your tooth.

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