When face-to-face with an expert in any field, you likely want to take the opportunity to learn from them. Whether it’s your favorite college professor or your mentor at work, you try to maximize the productivity of your interactions with them to learn and apply their knowledge to your own growth.

Your dentist is no different. As an expert in their area of expertise, your dentist can do more than simply clean your teeth and perform necessary procedures. They can answer your dental questions, both general and specific to you.

To make sure you maximize the productivity of your next dental visit, you should feel comfortable and confident asking them applicable questions. Doing so can provide valuable insight in relation to your oral health, how you can continue to improve, and more.

How Healthy is My Mouth?

This question may seem too basic. After all, isn’t that what a dentist is supposed to do—check on the status of your oral health?

While a good dentist will take the time to offer you a brief summary of your mouth health, including any issues that should be attended to, asking them for a more in-depth evaluation is always a good thing. From your teeth and gums to the general area of the mouth, your dentist should check for any abnormalities, including lumps, signs of teeth grinding, and more.

Sometimes, asking even the most basic questions can lead to the most insightful conversations!

Can You Improve My Dental Health?

It is your dentist’s job to help you maintain a healthy mouth. However, there may be minor dental issues that are not pressing issues, and as such, not a priority for you or your dentist. By asking them directly whether there is anything they can do to improve your dental health, you are inviting them to address those less-pressing problems.

From fitting you with a guard to prevent grinding your teeth at night to offering assistance to quell your bad breath, your dentist will be happy to help you confront and solve any dental issues you may be having. Remember, though, it is your responsibility to inform them of those issues. While they are a highly-trained professional, they can’t read minds!

Can I Improve My Dental Health?

You only see your dentist a few times a year, meaning that the responsibility for your overall dental health is on you. Instead of relying on your dentist to handle all of your dental concerns—though they’re always happy to help—ask them what you can do to maintain and improve your dental health.

Some of their suggestions may be generalized. Maybe you need to floss more consistently or exchange the lunchtime soda for water. Other suggestions may be more tailored to your unique situation, including switching toothbrushes, how often to visit the dentist, or using a take-home whitening kit.

You can’t know unless you ask, so take advantage of your dentist’s expertise when you can!

There are, of course, many other questions you can ask your dentist. For example, you may have questions concerning dental insurance, the role of your family doctor, and more. You should feel free to discuss all of these questions with your dentist, and they will be happy to help. So, next time you have an appointment with your dentist scheduled, come prepared with a handful of important questions. They will be th