Toothaches are not something you likely spend much time thinking about. Until you have one, that is. Then, it becomes all you can think about.

While the ideal solution to caring for a toothache is to talk to your dentist, that is sometimes out of the realm of possibility, leaving you to find a fix within the boundaries of your own home. Thankfully, there are a few proven toothache treatment techniques that can be done without leaving the house.

As with any issue regarding health, it is important that you are careful and selective when venturing into self-treatment. The techniques listed below are effective and safe for a wide variety of toothache encounters, but visiting your dentist is still the best way to address the problem.


Because saltwater has natural disinfectant properties, it can be used as an effective treatment for toothaches. By simply mixing a small amount of salt into a cup of warm water, you can create your own at-home saltwater rinse solution.

Once your saltwater is thoroughly mixed, simply use it as you would use mouthwash. Swish it around, then spit it out. Repeat as necessary to remove stubborn food particles, relieve pain, and aid in healing any oral wounds.

Over-the-Counter Medication

If the pain caused by your toothache is unbearable or interfering in your life to an extreme degree, taking over-the-counter pain medication can offer relief. Be sure to follow the medication guidelines to avoid any side effects, and do not take any pain medication if you have recently indulged in alcohol, as this can cause serious issues.

Cold and/or Hot Packs

The use of cold and/or hot packs can work wonders as at-home toothache remedies. Both of these solutions can provide significant pain relief, and each has other properties that make them advantageous for treating toothaches.

Cold compresses can be used to reduce swelling, further relieving the pain and inflammation associated with a toothache. Warm compresses, on the other hand, are used to stimulate blood flow, which can facilitate healing in the affected area. As always, consulting a dentist before administering either treatment is a good idea.

Peppermint Tea Bags

The numbing qualities of peppermint can be invaluable when suffering from a toothache. It serves to both numb the pain and reduce the sensitivities of the areas surrounding the affected tooth, including the gums.

To properly utilize this at-home toothache treatment, allow the bag to cool (you can even place it in the freezer for a moment if needed) until it is just slightly warm or is chilled, depending on your preference. Then, apply the peppermint tea bag to the painful area for a short time.


There are many other home remedies floating around the internet (and anywhere else you get information). It is best to treat them with skepticism unless your dentist says otherwise. As for the methods listed above, you can use them with confidence knowing that the majority of dentists agree that they are safe.

If your toothache persists or worsens, do not take the development lightly. Contact your dentist, listen to their advice, and schedule an appointment, if necessary. Dentists are professionally trained to deal with such situations and will provide you with a level of care that at-home solutions simply cannot match.