You’ve probably heard it said that old habits die hard. While typically used to describe bad habits that are challenging to change, this idiom can apply to good habits, as well!

If you were to think about some of the positive habits you have as an adult, there’s a good chance that you could trace some of them back to your childhood. Whether it was a routine you established as a kid or a bit of advice a mentor gave you that really stuck, the habits developed as a kid tend to endure into adulthood.

In other words, it’s exceptionally important to help your kids develop good habits when they’re young, especially when it comes to their health and wellness!

Dental habits are a shining example of a lifelong process that should be positively encouraged when kids are young. If you’re unsure how to inspire your kids to brush, floss, and otherwise care for their teeth and gums, you’ve come to the right place. Read on for a few tips on how to help them develop good dental habits!

Care Before They Can

Starting dental care routines before your child is capable of doing so themselves can help normalize the process and introduce positive habits early in life. All you have to do is get into the routine of brushing their teeth for and with them. Make it fun by using child-friendly toothbrushes, fun toothpaste flavors, and even making it into some kind of game!

Introduce Them to the Dentist

Many dentists offer child-friendly services that are designed specifically to ease your child into the world of dentistry and make them feel comfortable with dental visits. While dental exams are important for young children as they can identify any potential issues early, they also serve as a fantastic introduction to what visiting the dentist is like.

By accompanying your child to the dentist, you can help them view such visits as a normal part of life. It will also help familiarize them with the various instruments and tools the dentist will use. You can even prepare them ahead of time by reading children’s books about the dentist, talking to them about what they’ll experience, and making the entire experience seem fun rather than scary.

Implement Daily Routines

It’s never too early to begin teaching your child key dental habits by implementing daily routines. The basics are integral to this, so be sure to have a consistent schedule for brushing and flossing. Repetition is vital to establishing long-lasting habits, so make the routine a dependable part of their day.

Another aspect of good dental health that can be included in daily routines is the type of food they learn to love. By offering healthy snack alternatives, you can establish good eating habits that contribute to strong, healthy teeth!

Establishing good dental habits early in life is one of the best ways to ensure those habits carry over into adulthood. No matter what strategies you implement to help set your child up for success, know that there are numerous resources available to you, including everything from children’s books to online games.

The best place to start is often with your pediatric dentist. They will be able to offer you advice unique to you and your child’s situation, point you in the direction of valuable resources, and provide you with creative ideas to establish good dental habits early!

Now is the best time to make your family’s dental appointment. The holidays will be here before you know it and your family’s oral health will be the last thing on your mind. Be sure to use all of your dental health benefits before the end of the year! Call today and schedule your appointments for the whole family.