It’s never too early to start thinking about your dental health. After all, the decisions you make in your youth can stick with you well into adulthood (raise your hand if you know this from experience)!

This fact becomes even more important when considering your teeth. You only get one set of chompers to carry you through life, so treating them well from an early age is vital. Whether you’re currently a teenager who is making daily decisions that could affect your dental health or a concerned parent who is trying to look out for their child, you’ve come to the right place.

While there is a myriad of habits that can negatively impact your teeth, we’ve compiled some of the most common dental health concerns for teens below to help you make the most of your pearly whites!

Your Beverage of Choice

In the recent past, soft drinks were the most common liquid threat to the average person’s teeth. Now, there is an array of popular beverages that are notoriously bad for your dental health.

Whether you rely on diet soda to replace your water intake or you regularly consume energy drinks, the sugar and other corrosive ingredients in these products can cause significant damage to your teeth. While we aren’t advocating that you never indulge in your favorite carbonated drink, we do recommend limiting your intake!

Unhealthy Inhalants

It’s well known that smoking is not good for your health. Aside from the fact that it harms your respiratory system, it can wreak havoc on your gums and teeth.

While cigarettes have declined in popularity, vaping has risen in their place. This alternate method of smoking has a false reputation for being healthier or safer than its more traditional counterparts, but the fact remains—vaping is bad for you and can lead to tooth decay, damage, staining, and more!

Oral Piercings

We’ll admit it—oral piercings look pretty cool sometimes. Unfortunately for the fashion-forward individuals out there, they are not cool for your dental health.

Mouths are full of bacteria, so oral piercings often lead to infections. Such infections are not only dangerous to your oral health but also to the health of your entire body, as they can cause swelling that leads to airway issues and can even spread to other parts of the body.

Teeth can also suffer damage from oral piercings, as the repeated friction of the jewelry against the teeth can cause significant wear and irreparable damage. It is not uncommon for piercings to lead to cracked teeth, either.


Whether you’re swinging a bat or running toward the endzone, sports can lead to cracked, broken, or missing teeth. We strongly encourage every teen to pursue their passions and enjoy their favorite sports but implore you to exercise caution and use the right equipment when doing so.

For example, wearing a mouthguard when engaging in competitive activities can protect your teeth from damage or from being lost entirely!