Going to the dentist can be a nerve-racking event for people of all ages. Those emotional anxieties are only heightening when children are involved. From the unfamiliar environment and scary instruments to the discomfort and pain that sometimes accompanies procedures, the reasons for this distress are obvious.

To comfort kids and help them relax, dentists employ several strategies. From inviting office designs to offering prizes upon completion of the appointment, making dental visits seem less intimidating is key to creating a welcoming environment and calming the understandable nerves many children experience.

The Solea dental laser is the next step in children’s dental care, as it provides a variety of advantages to make a child’s visit more enjoyable.

No Scary Tools

The instruments used by dentists can be frightening. From cold metal tools to anesthetic needles, the anxiety children experience when visiting the dentist can often be traced back to the fear they feel due to the unfamiliar environment and tools.

The Solea dental laser eliminates the need for such tools. No anesthesia, needles, noise, or sutures are required when procedures are performed using the laser. That means fewer potentially frightening sights, sounds, and feelings to startle kids!

Faster Procedures

Even if a child is not afraid of the dentist, they are notorious for having short attention spans. As such, the more efficient and fast a procedure can be performed, the better. That way, a child doesn’t have to endure a marathon of an appointment, and the dentist can avoid the struggle of working on a wiggling kid!

The Solea dental laser allows many procedures to be performed at much higher speeds, cutting down on the amount of time a kid has to stay seated in the chair! Some procedures take as little as a minute or two!

Better Recoveries

Reducing the anxiety associated with the dentist and the amount of time needed to perform procedures are two major in-office advantages of using the Solea laser for pediatric dentistry. The benefits do not stop when the patient leaves the office, though.

The Solea dental laser limits the amount of bleeding that occurs from procedures, does not require the use of sutures, and leads to far better recoveries. In fact, procedures performed with the Solea dental laser are less likely to develop infections and feature faster healing.

For kids, especially, this increased rate of recovery is massively important, as they tend to be active and more difficult to manage during the healing period!

Multi-Tissue Work

With traditional dental tools, most procedures are performed on either hard or soft tissue. The Solea laser allows dental work to be done on both hard and soft tissue in one sitting and with a single tool. This reduces the complexity and time of appointments that involve both types of tissue.


The Solea dental laser is revolutionizing the way in which dentists work. Whether you are interested in how you can benefit from this exciting new tool, or you have a child who would be a prime candidate for the many advantages offered by the Solea laser, talking to your dentist about the possibilities is a great way to learn more!