If you’re happy with your pearly whites or are actively trying to add a little more sparkle to your smile, you definitely want to avoid anything that could negatively impact the whiteness of your teeth. Unfortunately, there are quite a few foods out there that do just that.

If your priority is to keep your smile as bright as possible, you’ll want to avoid foods that are counterproductive to that goal. Lucky for you, we’ve taken the legwork out of it for you by compiling this concise list of foods to avoid. Check them out below!


We know, and we’re sorry. Coffee is one of those daily rituals for many people that they simply cannot go without, which is why we wanted to get it out of the way first. Everything after this will seem easy by comparison, right?

The truth is, coffee (and tea) is often loaded with sugar, which is a problem in its own rite. Worse still, coffee is notorious for staining teeth.

If you can’t cut coffee out of your life, we understand. So, be sure to drink water after you drink your coffee to cleanse your mouth of as much of that staining liquid as possible!


Don’t worry; fruit is still good for you. If your goal is to retain exceptionally white teeth, though, you might want to eat them in moderation and consider avoiding certain varieties altogether.

Berries with dark pigments can cause staining. Blueberries are a good example of berries that have natural properties that can lead to staining. If you insist on eating them rather than opting for healthy alternatives, be sure to drink some water, rinse your mouth, or even brush your teeth afterward!


Acidic foods can cause staining because they can break down the surface layers of your teeth. This change in surface texture makes your teeth more susceptible to staining and worsens the effect that other foods can have on the whiteness of your teeth.

Citrus can actually be beneficial in moderation. If you consume large amounts of acidic foods, like citrus; though, be sure to drink plenty of water.

Red Wine

Speaking of acidic foods, red wine is highly acidic and contains vibrant pigments, making it a tooth-staining one-two punch. While we understand the desire to have a nice glass of wine after a long day of work, indulging in this relaxing routine could negatively impact your teeth if done consistently.

Anything High in Sugar

When it comes to your teeth, there is often a correlation between stains and health. This is not to say that all stained teeth are unhealthy; rather, most unhealthy teeth are apt to be stained. This is because the surface coating of your teeth, when damaged, is more susceptible to discoloration.

Sugary foods and drinks are great at destroying enamel, increasing the likelihood of cavities, and even creating plaque buildup. Worse still, many such foods feature dyes and other tooth-staining ingredients. Soda is a fantastic example of this type of double-edged sword.


If your oral health and tooth whiteness are things you are concerned with and want to continually improve, the best thing you can do is talk to your dentist about your concerns and questions. They have the expertise to evaluate your particular risk factors and work with you to develop the perfect plan designed especially for you!